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I had a dream… 

Before I ever knew of the cannaverse that I now work within, I made the NAU graphic below. Then the covid pandemic visited our world, locking all its inhabitants into seclusion and forcing everything we once knew to change.

My job in the education sector fell away when that revenue stream dried up. Jobless and without any ideas on how to become gainfully employed during a global lockdown, I left it up to the powers that be to fill that void. It would not be long after I come to this epiphany that the world began to change its views on cannabis. The universe moved to put everything into motion, sending me down a rabbit hole that had been growing for decades. The deeper I traveled down the dark and winding passages, the more my one-time dream become a reality.

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Cooking with cannabis is more than just a passion for me. It is an art!

A native of Atlanta Georgia, Victoria Sanford had a long career in Information Technology as a Systems Engineer. Prior to relocating to the North Georgia mountains, she authored many Technical guides for the Federal Government and public school systems. Since retiring from the Centers for Disease Control she has split her life between working with teenagers in her area to better ensure their chances of reaching their goals in life and her own love of writing. She shares her life with her husband Tim, her spoilt white four-legged best friend Tweet, and her husbands Lil’ Princess.

The foundations of McFarland United Methodist Church date back to the latter days of the 19th Century. Originally located in the East Lake area of Chattanooga, the church relocated to its present location just south of the Tennessee State line in the early 1900’s. Throughout its history, McFarland UMC has been a church that follows Christ with a heart for mission to the community where it is located and to the world.

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