Only 420 hand-drawn OG strain NFT’s will be created, then, the breeding kicks in. 🌱

The Weeds is a New NFT project featuring all your favorite strains in NFT format.

The idea of this project is to build a community of weed lovers able to earn rewards by taking their favorite herbs to The SmokeOff.

Each strain has different characteristics and genetic’s which originate from the original 420 drops.

  • Holding a male and a female strain will enable you to generate a seedling NFT every 30 days.

  • Seedlings hatch into full maturity 30 days after germination.

  • The genetics of the parents will be split into the seedling.

The idea of the game is to crossbreed the dankest strains as possible to earn rewards and ensure you have the fire at The SmokeOff.

The #1 means it is the Ancestor plant of strains to come.

210 Male
210 Female

Newly bred NFT strains with being marked #2 in sequences of the generational jump.

ONLY 420 Originals any Multiple productions of the same strain after the will have different backgrounds If you only own one strain, trade breeding.