What's in a Word?

All too often we let words we feel in our heart of hearts remain unspoken for whatever personal reason we may hold at the time; Or, think something, an internal monologue that we have already put into words but choose not to say out loud. Well, such is true for most people.

If not from the Traumatic Injury to my Brain (T.B.I.) I endured at the age of twenty-eight, nor the numerous childhood friends that passed before I was to come of age, then my Introverted nature and Mastermind personality type must be the reason that I am no longer blessed with such a filter. I have a coldly logical and strategic way of thinking and my tendency to speak self-talk out loud, which is often is taken out of context or misinterpreted, is perfect for a web professional!

Not so great for social relationships. Thus, I prefer to communicate with my fingers rather than with my mouth. This judgment has cost me more than one potential client… please know I do this for everyone involved benefit.

Having become such a recluse who resides inside the virtual world he created for himself… I still crave words. Even the “virtually spoken” words are wanted. I am only a human who still needs to talk with others and seeks validation from my peers and lovedOnes.

If not for one other brave soul, I would be completely alone. Her curse is my greatest blessing and sometimes my toughest barrier. Together we endure through all of the tribulations that is her story. A romance that perfectly entwines with my own. One best left told another time, yet one well worth telling. And we accomplish this task by using our words.

I believe this to be so. And while my memory on some things is still a bit fuzzy, I recall most assuredly that information is conveyed to another when we choose to use words. Without them, the separation between reality and virtual reality becomes blurred at times. This can only be expected when you have chosen to work remotely and prefer for everything to be planned and organized rather than spontaneous, correct?

#Eergized by time alone, there is not much room left in life outside of the private world I have painted for myself. That is why I am so incredibly happy when the powers-that-be takes it upon themselves to speak to me. To take that extra step and be more than just an active icon in a messenger status or a like on social media to show that my progress is noted and approved of.

This sudden burst of inspiration awoke my muse, leaving me free to be flexible and make the necessary decisions that barred my progress with JCruceWeb Free from the burden of not knowing my real-time status in life and the living hell of being left to assume.

This update focuses on ideas and concepts rather than facts and details. Finally, I was able to overcome that hump and #implement many upgrades to my current project based on logic and reason.