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US states & Canada legalizing cannabis for medical & recreational use lets us connect our affiliates to cannabis companies with influencers that produce the content to drive sales. 


We simply took a jar that was invented in 1858 for canning jams and modernized it with bright LED lights, 3X & 5X magnification, and quality craftsmanship. 

MasonBrite fits on all wide-mouth mason jars. The idea was to provide a premium display device that can fit on the many different sized mason jars that most people are using already to store cannabis. 


Our Öd Grower’s Kit Premium Edition includes everything you get with a standard v2.0 kit, but also adds on our Öd Grower’s 40X LED Magnifying Loupe + Öd Grower’s Wide Mouth 3X & 5X Loupe Lanyard at a bundled discount! 

Illuminate your favorite herb or flower with our Öd Grower’s 40X LED Magnifying Loupe. Powerful, tiny, and portable magnification for a wide variety of uses indoor and outdoor. Blue & white light modes to choose from. Definitely, something every grower (and connoisseur) needs in their kit. 

Our Öd Vape Pen Stickies not only stick to just about any surface, but they’re also very versatile for a variety of applications and surfaces.

Stick to your car door, dashboard, cubicle, office space, desk, or anywhere you want to have easy access to your vape pen, keys, chapstick, you name it! 

Set includes a pack of 2 – 4.75″ x 4.75″ diameter Öd Vape Pen Stickies by MasonBrite

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Find your HAPPY-PLACE with small-batch hand-crafted cannabis seeds. Growing is a hobby that brings you peace in a world filled with chaos! Get Yours Today!

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Good grows start with great seeds! We’ve got you covered with our high-quality Cannabis seed bank at FlintStoned Genetics.

The Orange Melon OG is a pretty new strain that is shrouded in mystery! It is Sativa dominant hybrid and has a wonderful orange and citrus taste. Combined with a melon candy-like undertone a real sweet treat. She creates amazing light green buds with rather large fan leaves and can be a little bushy. Known for being one of the largest-producing auto strains out there!

Kong is an indica-dominant strain bred by Holy Smoke Seeds, who created this hybrid by crossing Motivation with a backcrossed White Russian. This powerhouse hybrid takes after its namesake in both strength and appearance, with hairy buds that secrete massive amounts of THC-rich resin. As promised by its heavy trichome coverage, Kong packs a punch and leaves your body anchored in relaxation while your mind floats to happy escapes…

The Formula was created for smokers, by smokers! Using a female Terple from In-House Genetics, we pollenated her with the same Trifecta male used to create Berry Kamikaze. The Formula is a hybrid strain that will turn purple in even the warmest climates. Think of Purple Punch on steroids with a hint of gas.

Watchdog f1 is the science experiment, photoperiod x auto-flowering so technically a semi-auto!

First-generation will behave as photos with varying flower times. F2 we will see some auto traits and more variation. By f3 I hope to stabilize back to both an automatic and a fast flowering photo version.

Quality cannabis seeds from heirloom genetics; they say lightning dosent strike the same place twice, yet with our strains, the fire sparked is reborn.

It is my passion to make the best quality cannabis gear for consumers. These are made from some of the best quality stock you will find on the market. We have several new designs coming soon!

Purple lightning is a more robust burst of grapey mixed with an earthy scent on the backside it visits the 2nd generation G.D.P. X with the 1963 white lightning. X NURPLE. Witch is blackberry x naumi

A well-rounded high THC. Yielding indica blend of 2nd generation G.D.P. X with a 1963 WHITE LIGHTNING that has been crossed back to itself, making for a very relaxing euphoric high

The emerald Lightning consists of a west coast favorite EMERALD FIRE OG X white the 1963 white light x with G.D.P. for an awesome; nighttime curl up in bed drifting off to Neverland kind of high for the ones who have troubles sleeping at night. Say God knight because this one will be sure to have you cutting logs

Gas & Games… It still smokes the same

It is my passion to grow high-quality cannabis and make great gear for our consumers. Made from some of the best quality stock you will find on the market; we have several new designs coming soon!

Erik Valdez Sun Organics creates potent THC Concentrates are from premier OG marijuana strains E-z-V Sun Organics brings you the highest quality, clean, and pure cannabis extracts and Concentrates.

Erik Valdez Sun Organics offers different cannabis flower strains for any consumer need. My cannabis strains include Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

  1. Organic wax
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Lavender
    Citrus Lemon & Orange
  4. Vitamin E