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Keep your brand active and engaged on social media.

Why it’s important to invest in social media management

Brand Awareness

Building your brand’s presence on social media is key to your success. By creating engaging content on social media, your brand has an opportunity to reach your potential customers.

Social Proof

When people are searching for a company to do business, they will check for “social proof.” Social proof involves the quality and consistency of your branding across your social media accounts.

Save Time

Creating new and engaging content based on complex analytical data can be time-consuming. With a social media manager on your side, you can reserve time for other things!





Inspire Your Audience

Facebook is the best consumer discovery platform available today.

In terms of social outreach and inspiration, Facebook outranks Instagram and Pinterest — both of which influence 59% of American consumers, each! So, yes, you need Facebook!
social network
By utilizing this powerful social media tool, you have the opportunity to grow your brand’s number of followers, publish regular posts, craft share-worthy content, and increase the engagement (likes and comments) associated across your brand’s accounts.





Promote Your Brand

LinkedIn is a “B2B gold mine.”

If your service focuses on benefiting other businesses, chances are, you will need LinkedIn.

Business to Business (B2B) social network marketing requires unique strategies in order to grow brand awareness. Though the LinkedIn platform can be used to locate qualified professionals to add to your team, it can also be a valuable mechanism to promote social education surrounding your business’s industry.

With a well-organized and managed LinkedIn profile, your social media manager can improve how your business networks with senior-level influencers and users seeking information.

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Motivate Your Followers

If you would like your business to interact with younger demographics, you will need to utilize Instagram.

Though Facebook is a powerful social marketing tool, Instagram engages with 1 billion people a day — most of them under 35 years old.


In order to create a strong brand, it is important to build a social presence on the major social media platforms. With your social media manager, you both can collectively build a social media strategy that can promote your brand, as well as its products. Aside from general promotion benefits, a formal posting strategy can increase your follower base, improve the quality of your content, and increase social engagement (likes and comments).

Plans and Prices




Step 1
Spin-up Call

We start with a spin-up call between you and your dedicated Social Media Manager (SMM) to gain a full understanding of your social media goals.

Step 2
Social Platforms Setup

We’ll work with you to decide which social platforms are best to focus on. Once you have finalized what platforms you would like to be present on, we make sure they are properly set up, optimized, and branded.

Step 3

We begin posting and promoting content, as well as writing engaging posts to grow your social following. You’re sent all content in advance to review and approve before content is published online

Step 4
Optimize & Refine

We will monitor the results of your posts closely and optimize your content, as well as update your overall social media strategy to drive the best results and follow your brand’s particular voice.

Step 5
Advance & Analyze

We continuously evaluate the data to make sure you are seeing the results you’re looking for. If not, we make immediate adjustments and improvements.

Step 6
Strategy Planning

Social media managers will build a strategy, content schedule, and prepare content ideas with you. We do this with the intention of giving you control over your brand and social accounts, while still using our expertise as a resource.

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