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Cherry Pie's parents are Granddaddy Purple and F1 Durb. With buds that are dense and full of orange hairs and Read more
In 1974 we did a project of growing beanstalks in 4th grade. As old as I am, which I will Read more
🌱 The Weedsis a community-driven NFT project offering exclusive membership to a worldwide community of cannabis enthusiasts where BREEDING through Read more
FlintStoned Genetics Novelty Souvenir Collectibles for the Preservation of Heirloom Genetics Single Strain Packs The Formula Get The Formula Watchdog Read more
Buy Exotic Cannabis/Pot/Ganja Seeds Sour MAC Huzzah Heavy Breath Beam Me Up Hippie Chic Ziggy Slutty Pants Skeezzah Stank Ho Read more
Gas & Games... It still smokes the same 🎖️In-House Cannabis $130 28g For medical patients that cannot make it to Read more
CBGA & CBDA may Block the COVID-19 Virus, yet even with this OSU report, the FDA will consider that product Read more
The most widely-known and extensively researched organic no-till systems are those based on hardy winter annual cover crops, mostly combinations Read more
Cannabis Compassion Giveaway (hemp CBD) With CannaBear & Mike's MedicinesRobinson, who often coordinates these large giveaways, is on the front Read more
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James Cruce
James Cruce
09:25 19 Sep 21
an army of one!
V.C. Sanford
V.C. Sanford
17:48 23 Sep 17
My web was top of the line...in 1998. Looked good on a computer but sucked on a phone. They brought me up to date, added animation and new graphics. And people can find me now!
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