Rainbow Farm "The real Story" told by: 

  • Boss Crosslin
  • Tipi Doug Leinbach
  • Melody Karr
  • Rev. Steven Thompson
  • Adam Brooks (Mr hash Bash)
  • Brenda & Josey Scoggins

Interviews from inside the Tipi at the Farm 06/08/2021

Brought to you by the Jazz Cabbage Cafe radio show 
Rainbow Farm was a pro-marijuana campground in Newberg Township, Cass County, Michigan, United States, that was involved in a fatal police standoff on September 3, 2001. The campground was run by Tom Crosslin and his life partner Rolland “Rollie” Rohm, and was home to two annual festivals, “HempAid” and “Roach Roast”, which ran from 1996 through 2001. The operation ended with the burning down of all the structures on the property and the deaths of both Tom Crosslin and Rolland Rohm.
Dallas and Rick make an appearance at the end to promote the next event in August!