Hazelnut chocolate will forever be one of my guilty pleasures, and these homemade Ferrero Rocher truffles combine all the flavors I love in bite-sized packages. All


The key to making killer THC-infused beverages is to start by making your own cannabis simple syrup. Once you’ve got a bottle of homemade cannabis simple syrup you can use it to add a little dose of THC to your favorite drink.


The short answer is maybe. We know that’s not what you were looking for, but allow us to explain. Notice that the question asks, “Will cannabis-infused honey get you high?”There are so many different strains of cannabis these days, and each has its own


At Nirvana Farms, we love edibles. From chocolate to weed tea, to salad dressing, to butter, to oil—we’ve literally tried them all. We’ve even popped a few CBD strips and THC strips (a quasi-food if there ever was one). Throughout


Cannabis extracts are a rapidly growing and complicated topic. There are so many types of extracts and methods of extraction that it would take a book to explain all of them in detail.


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