You design your store setup and add your products, setting your prices. As the author, you can include a photo and a bio. You can add a blog post, sell signed copies, build a mailing list, or hold a New Release Party!

We do restrict the store items to book-related products. Besides your book, TeeShrts, Audio, Posters, Games, Jewelry, Advertising items, etc. are welcome as long as it is related to a book. Each member can list any book they wrote and published, under your name or pen name; however, you cannot list multiple authors. If you are a publisher and represent several authors, please contact us directly and arrangements can be made for a multi-author package. You set your prices. You decide how you want to ship. You are responsible for any sales taxes due. You can give the book away if that is what you want to do. It’s your book. Sell only on Amazon? You can use the store as a pass-through link directly to your Amazon sales page if thats how you want to use it. $25.00 a year is a cheap cost for an online website.

You register how you want to be paid with the payment company you prefer, Stripe and/or Paypal.


You will need to make a 25.00 payment to Paypal then include the numbers only from the receipt on the registration form. Do not include letters. Once reviewed, you will receive login access.


The Paypal address is  paypal.me/JCruceWeb

If you have any questions please contact me via Facebook – James Cruce  or by email 


Need help? If you are needing the skills of a designer reach out to our in-house designer here.  




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